The end of the year can be a really stressful time, with finals on the horizon and all those pesky last-minute projects you need to finish. Here are six easy ways you can de-stress as you finish the year strong.

1. Get organized.
Before you start working on your projects or studying, think about what needs to be done. Record it on paper, in your planner or on your phone. Be specific, and keep your list with you for reference. Or write down each item on your to-do list on sticky notes and put them in a spot you see every day. As you complete each task, cross it off or take down the sticky note. Staying organized is a proven way to keep your focus.

2. Eat a snack.
Sure, you can nom on some Hot Cheetos and Takis, but that’s not as fun as making your own snack. How about dipping graham crackers into a homemade cookie-dough dip? Or making a grilled peanut butter and apple sandwich? Check out these and other awesome study snacks on our Pinterest board.

3. Take a walk.
Now that the weather is finally getting nicer, go for a 10-minute walk outside. Take your camera (or your cell phone) and take some artsy nature shots. If you aren’t into walking, ride your bike around your neighborhood.

4. Create a new playlist.
A good playlist can greatly increase your chances of having a great study session. The right song can put you in a better mood and help you focus.  But choose wisely. Don’t play music that you’ll want to sing along to while you’re reading an assignment for history class. Also keep in mind that not all instrumental tracks have to be classical music. Check out Spotify or for some fun playlists.

5. Reward yourself.
If you aren’t the biggest fan of reading, there’s nothing worse than having to read 30 pages of a textbook. (Unless you have to read even more than that!) One trick: Place gummy bears at every new section in your book. Once you’ve read that far, you get to eat the treat. It might seem childish, but you’ll be surprised how much faster you’ll finish.

6. Relax with a quick YouTube break.
A great way to refocus is to take a short break to relax and laugh. Search YouTube for classic laugh-out-loud videos, or keep it simple with adorable animal videos. There aren’t many things more adorable and relaxing than watching puppies go down a slide. Be sure to give yourself a time limit, though; otherwise, you might go through an entire season of a show on Netflix. We’ve seen it happen.