Hello Key Club! 

I am Salma Eldeeb from the Florida District, and I am honored to serve as the 2021-22 Key Club International president! My previous experience on the international, district and club levels has shown me firsthand the contagious enthusiasm and passion that members like you have for Key Club. I’m beyond excited for this new service year and look forward to working with you to better our homes, schools and communities. 

Last year was certainly a one-of-kind experience, but despite the hardships and obstacles faced by you and your clubs, our organization persevered! Key Club International has been serving and aiding our communities for the past 96 years, and COVID-19 has not stopped that. So I would like to thank you all for your nonstop dedication to volunteerism and ask you to keep going strong. This year will serve as a time to rebound and recover from the hits of the pandemic. The 2021-22 year will focus on welcoming back our COVID-status clubs, providing resources and implementing our strategic plan.  

It’s going to be a year filled with reunions, opportunities and more! I am so excited for this journey with you. You can always learn more about what the Key Club International Board is up to by visiting keyclub.org or reaching out to me with the email provided below. I hope you have an amazing year and look forward to connecting with your clubs and districts in the coming months. Thank you for your dedication to servant leadership and volunteerism! 

Yours in Service and Friendship, 

Salma Eldeeb
International President