By Kyle Hanson, 2023-24 Key Club international president

 A few weeks ago, our Key Club International Board gathered at the Kiwanis International Office in Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S., for our annual Board Trainer. 

Our week together consisted of lots of learning, listening and input sessions, where we mapped our goals and plans for the 2023-24 service year. Using our collective experience — from club presidents to lieutenant governors to district governors — we created a comprehensive plan that will improve all levels of Key Club International. 

First, our Key Club International Board elected to pioneer two new committees this year — the Membership Growth & Development Committee and the International Convention Committee. We chose to continue the work of our Executive, Global Relations, Programs & Partners, and International Editor committees, for a total of six committees on the international level. By adding the two new committees, we hope to put more attention and time toward membership growth and planning for the 2024 Key Club International Convention in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S. 

Following our work on committees, we drafted a 2023-24 strategic plan based on the overarching 2021-2026 strategic plan. Here, we organized our plans for the service year, focusing on communication and leadership, as well as diversity, equity and inclusion. Some of our plans include providing more opportunities for member representation on international committees, user-generated social media and blog content, and input from the member level. We also want to focus on uplifting and supporting our international clubs, especially from our newly chartered Philippines Luzon District, to show the true reach and impact of our organization. 

Finally, our international trustees received their district pairings for the 2023-24 service year. Our trustees have begun working with their districts and governors to ensure they are supported and heard by Key Club International. Be sure to reach out to your international trustee if you have any questions or want support. They are here to help you! 

Overall, this will be a year full of communication, trust and leadership opportunities. The Key Club International Board is more excited than ever to serve you as a member — and we want your feedback. If you ever have questions, ideas or concerns, please let me know by contacting me.