By Shreya Mukunthan, Key Club International board member  

As a Key Club member, I’m always proud to say that I’m a part of the world’s largest student-led organization. However, there’s something that many Key Club members don’t know about the organization’s unifying power: the programs and partners who enable such a revolutionary community service movement.  

Managed and initiated by Key Club International’s Programs and Partners (P&P) Committee, the various partnerships and worldwide service opportunities provide members a Key Club-exclusive international experience — allowing them to serve their local communities while making a worldwide impact. I’ve had the honor of serving on this committee and helping to make global initiatives accessible to all Key Club members.  

To help you understand the committee, we can split the initiatives into four categories: service partners, preferred charities, member benefits and our programs.  

Club resource partners 

Erika’s Lighthouse: This is a nonprofit organization promoting mental health and growth for teenagers through resources to help stimulate conversations about mental health in students. The Positivity Pledge, a 30-day challenge in the month of May, encourages students to grow in nutrition, well-being, mindfulness, exercise and gratitude. The Beacon of Hope Walk will raise much-needed awareness of depression and suicide among teens. 

Schoolhouse: Started by former Key Club member Sal Khan (founder of Khan Academy), this organization connects students worldwide with free online peer-to-peer tutoring over Zoom. Key Club members can become tutors, host live tutoring sessions and earn recognition as student ambassadors helping with Schoolhouse expansion! 

Preferred charities 

UNICEF USA: Key Club is continuing its long-standing partnership with UNICEF USA through the Start Strong: Zambia initiative. Members can help raise money to support UNICEF’s efforts to provide educational materials to students and help build schools in Zambia. 

Thirst Project: This youth organization works to bring an end to the global water crisis by building freshwater wells in developing communities. The best way for members to engage is to raise funds or awareness for the initiative. 

Member benefit  

Collegewise: This college counseling organization offers experts who help students craft their college applications through counseling sessions and bootcamps. Key Club members have access to various resources for navigating the college application process — including a resource library, blogs and podcasts.  

Our programs  

Global Leadership Certificate: GLC is a Key Club exclusive leadership program with leadership courses that can help members develop leadership soft skills and prepare for leadership throughout high school, in Key Club and during their future careers!  

Pilot Program: To help promote Key Club’s Schoolhouse partnership and GLC program, one club per district was selected to engage with either Schoolhouse or GLC to increase international support and engagement at the club level. Successful clubs will become official ambassadors for GLC or Schoolhouse and help inspire other clubs to engage in Key Club International’s programs and partners as well. 

Youth Opportunities Fund: YOF is a Key Club program that awards grants ranging from US$250 to US$2,000 to support local service projects. Currently, the P&P Committee is working on increasing support for applicants through webinars and by highlighting past grant recipients’ stories. Check out the Key Club International website to learn more about YOF, the deadlines and the application process. 

If you’d like to learn more about Key Club International’s programs and partners or would like to share the information with your friends, here’s a slideshow and information page just for you!  

And make sure to check out the Key Club International Partners Page.  

As I reflect on my Key Club experience, engaging with these opportunities has been the highlight of my personal journey. I’m sure it will be life-changing for you too!