On March 23, Key Club International will celebrate 97 years of service, leadership and impact in schools, communities and the world. As we review our proud past and anticipate our 100th anniversary, we’re inviting Key Clubs across the United States to make a US$25 donation to the Youth Opportunities Fund (YOF). 

Grants from the YOF help Key Clubs plan, promote and participate in service projects that meet needs specific to each club’s community. And the more donations received by the YOF, the more meaningful service can be provided. And now, clubs have two opportunities each year to apply for a YOF grant. 

If your club chooses to join this effort, you are welcome to work with your Key Club members to determine a fundraising method that best fits your club’s structure and style. No matter how your club chooses to raise funds, your $25 donation to the Youth Opportunities Fund will help Key Club members.  

You can easily submit your donation via this QGive link or by mailing a check to: 

Kiwanis Children’s Fund 

P.O. Box 6457 – Dept #286 

Indianapolis, IN 46206 USA 

Thank you for all that you and your club members do for Key Club! 

 Give here.