By Key Club International Trustee Ahmed Eldeeba young person stands, smiling, holding a bullhorn in the air and a cardboard sign with a drawing of planet Earth.

Youth activism is a potent tool for bringing about change in our neighborhoods and the wider world. Being young gives us the vigor, enthusiasm and determination to express our opinions, provide original ideas and become more involved and active citizens.

One of the most effective ways for young activists to change the world is through service initiatives. These can include neighborhood beautification initiatives, collaboration with neighborhood shelters to assist the homeless, voter registration and civic engagement campaigns, and enhancing access to education for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Youth activism also includes vital social justice topics such as diversity, equity and inclusion in our communities and confronting oppressive systems.

In addition, supporting people in need and raising awareness of mental health issues is essential for youth activism.

It’s crucial to find a cause you’re passionate about and then act on it. This could entail doing volunteer work, taking part in demonstrations or founding your own grassroots organization. Though change does not occur immediately, teenage activists’ tenacity and drive can have a significant impact within and outside their communities. You have the ability to effect genuine change in the world as a young person, and your voice counts!

Youth activism may benefit our homes, schools and communities as well. We may contribute to making our homes, schools and communities more inclusive, equitable and safe by getting active in volunteer work and advocacy. We can raise knowledge and understanding of various viewpoints and experiences — and we can foster compassion in our homes and schools by educating ourselves and others on topics that are important to us. We may have a beneficial impact on our communities and contribute to their development by volunteering and engaging in community service.

Change doesn’t happen overnight, but we can make a significant difference if we’re persistent and determined. I implore you to choose a cause that is close to your heart and to become involved. Along with being a positive influence, you’ll meet new people, learn new things and enjoy new experiences.

Let’s work together to create a better future for everyone.