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Project Happiness

Join the race to happiness

Happiness is not just a state. It’s a skill that anyone can learn.   

And every step toward happiness matters — no matter where you live or work, no matter who you are or what you do. You can help people take those steps in the Virtual Race for Wellness. Take part and help Project Happiness reach its goal of bringing programs to those who need it most, regardless of financial constraints.  

Register for one month of fitness, reach your health goals, and change lives. Join individually or create a team.  Your involvement creates community, and it helps Project Happiness educate youth and people of all ages—by providing proven tools for greater happiness and well-being.  

Organize a team  

Interested in organizing a team for the event? Ask your advisor to sign up and create a Key Club Team. Then invite other Key Club members to join the team. Find more information and register here.

Project Happiness

Using neuroscience, positive psychology and mindful awareness, Project Happiness inspires and empowers people to create greater happiness within themselves and their communities. If your school is facing a bullying issue or if you’d like to proactively lead anti-bullying conversations, Project Happiness curriculum and resources are a great place to start. There is an online course which has been made available to district leadership. If you’d like more information about this course, contact us.

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