Giving all children the ability to score goals.

Problem solved:

The California-Nevada-Hawaii KIWIN’S Key Club District wanted to raise awareness of the abilities of children with mental disabilities, as well as give these children a chance to bond, compete and have fun.

What was done:

The district teamed with American Youth Soccer Organization Region 117, a non-profit soccer organization, to organize a round-robin soccer tournament for children with mental disabilities. An elementary school with soccer facilities agreed to host the tournament, and AYSO provided much of the equipment. KIWIN’S Key Club members received a Youth Opportunities Fund grant from Key Club International to buy additional soccer balls, awards and printing and distribution of a promotional flyer. They recruited players from the AYSO and hired food trucks for event day. On game day, volunteers from the Fountain Valley KIWIN’S Key Club helped with set-up and tear-down, registration, medal distribution and other duties. “Everyone learned more about mental disabilities,” says student Calvin Tran. “It isn’t something that limits someone. It is their superpower that makes them unique.”

Supplies needed:

  • Two soccer fields
  • Flyers
  • Awards for players
  • Soccer equipment

California-Nevada-Hawaii KIWIN’S Key Club District