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How to register for the Key Club Summer Leadership Conference

The Key Club Summer Leadership Conference will be held July 8-10, 2021. To register, Key Club members might need to work with a parent, guardian, Key Club advisor or other trusted adult.  

Key Club officers and advisors, for each member who wants to attend, gather their name, email address, Key Club ID number, US$25 registration fee and a waiver form signed by a parent/guardian. 

Registration now closed.

Why should Key Club members attend the Summer Leadership Conference?  

  • They’ll get motivation from our own Key Club leaders, Thirst Project and other Key Club partners and special guest speakers.   
  • They can earn a Culture of Care certificate.  
  • They’ll connect with Key Club members from around the world on a new conference platform.  
  • They’ll hear from special guest speakers, including Senator Bill Nelson, Alex Sheen and George Carroll.  

More about the Key Club Student Leadership Conference 

This year, so many members and leaders continued to develop servant leadership in their schools and communities and around the world despite the challenges we faced. Key Club members found innovative ways to live up to our core values, providing not only great ideas but a greater sense of collective engagement.   

Key Club International is excited to unite members from around the world during our second virtual Summer Leadership Conference, designed to inspire and motivate all Key Club members and advisors with special guest speakers, workshops and a recognition ceremony. This three-day event runs from Thursday, July 8, through Saturday, July 10.  

In conjunction with the conference, members of the Key Club International Council (the 2020-21 Key Club International Board and 2021-22 governors) will select new leaders for the upcoming service year.   

 Key Club members and their advisors will also have the opportunity to attend workshops focused on the following areas:  

  • Raising awareness about service opportunities with the help of our student leaders and partners.  
  • Building members’ leadership capacity and character potential through officer training.  
  • Learning the soft skills necessary to be an effective leader.  
  • Providing members with innovative ways to design meaningful service projects.  
  • Allowing collaboration with students from multiple Key Club districts.