Homecoming Campaign 2021

Key Club Meeting Agenda

Joint School-Community Reflection

Before this meeting, assemble a project planning team with club officers and three to five club members. As a team, meet with the school administrator who collaborates with Key Club and review guidelines for a potential community event. There might be some approvals needed by school administrators before club planning begins. In addition, identify other school or community groups that might want to participate in a community event. It could be conducted virtually or in person depending upon the school and community’s status and regulations.


a. Introductions and icebreakers.

i. Introduce officers.

ii. Introduce advisor.

b. Introduce guests — include icebreakers.

2. Old business

a. List all outstanding club projects from the last few months. What has been completed? What is still outstanding on any projects?

b. Review the assignments for those remaining projects. Make sure everyone, including guests, is involved.

3. New business

a. We have all been through many different experiences in the last year. At the beginning of the meeting, take time to pause and reflect on how your club and club members have experienced the last year. (Like in other meetings, it might be good to have a school counselor in attendance for assistance.)

i. Check out these videos during your reflection time: “You Will Be Found” and “You’ll Never Walk Alone.

b. After you reflect, have club members share their experiences from this year. Try this example activity: Give every member a piece of paper. Read the discussion questions below and have each member write down their answers and thoughts. Then, take turns sharing as each member feels comfortable. Do this as an entire club or in small groups.

i. General reflection questions to consider:

a) What did you learn about yourself from the last year?

b) What inspired or surprised you during the last year?

c) What “servant leaders” did you observe in your community/nation/world?

d) What acts of service did you observe close to you or far away?

e) How do you look at the global community now?

f) How will you approach the in-person school year now?

ii. Questions to brainstorm what your club can do for your school: 

a) Who were the helpers that made the year better?

b) Who should we thank and remember?

c) How are these people “servant leaders”?

d) What should we do for an event, virtually and/or in person?

e) What other school and community groups could be partners for the event?

iii. Questions to reflect on community leaders and brainstorm ideas for a community-based event:

a) Who were the helpers that made the year better?

b) Who should we thank and remember?

c) How are these people “servant leaders”?

d) What should we do for an event, virtually and/or in person?

e) What are other possible partners for the event?

c. Once you finish the activity, gather all responses and ideas and give them to the planning team.

4. Home project

a. Refer to the open projects discussed earlier in the meeting and review assignments.

b. Check in with the new officers to see how their training meetings are going.

c. Make sure the Time for Reflection planning committee schedules a meeting.

d. Announce the next club meeting time and place.

5. What’s next

a. Awards and contests — Recognize excellent Key Club International clubs and club officers. For more information on how to nominate clubs and officers for awards, visit the distinguished officer nominations page for district-level awards and the contests and awards entry page for club contests.

b. Leadership development — Key Club International is introducing The Global Leadership Certificate pilot program for active Key Club members who want to grow their leadership skills and stand out as candidates for college, trade schools or employers. The pilot program courses include Civic Engagement, Strategic vs. Tactical Leadership and Putting Your Passions Into Practice.

i. Students who complete all three courses by May 3 will be part of a team to provide feedback and direction for the creation of the entire program and will be entered in a drawing to win exciting prizes! Register here to begin courses today.

c. Key Club Senior Night — Join the Key Club graduation night on Sunday, April 18 at 8 p.m. EDT hosted by CKI, Key Club International President Alex Drahos and CKI International President Tana Early. Celebrate accomplishments in Key Club and plan for what’s next with tips and tricks for navigating the university experience. Sign up for the event here.

i. Check out Key Club graduation gear and items through the Kiwanis Family Store for the event and to celebrate your time in Key Club.

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