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District and divisional level

A student board of directors provides leadership within each Key Club district. Each district board is comprised of a governor, district secretary, district treasurer (or secretary-treasurer) and district bulletin editor. In addition, districts are divided into divisions and each division is led by a lieutenant governor, who also belongs to the district board. For more information about the duties of officers within a specific district, contact your district administrator.

District governor

Each district governor is responsible for the overall operations of the district board. He or she trains other district officers, appoints committees and assigns directives, builds and maintains relationships with other Kiwanis-family leadership and communicates district needs and desires to the international board liaison.

District secretary

The district secretary is responsible for regular, formal communication within the district board, between the district and international boards and between the district and division or club. He or she keeps and reports all district minutes and maintains all records for the district.

District treasurer

The office of district treasurer is responsible for monitoring district finances, creating and filing all appropriate reports and coordinating dues collection. He or she also contributes to the district newsletter and supports club treasurers.

District secretary-treasurer

In some districts, the offices of secretary and treasurer are combined and carried out by one individual. See district secretary and district treasurer position duties for details about each of these positions.

District bulletin editor

The district bulletin editor is responsible for coordinating, editing and distributing district publications. This includes ensuring adherence to Key Club graphic standards and notifying contributors of deadlines and requirements.

District webmaster

A webmaster is responsible for the public image of the district as it relates to Internet-based mediums like a website or social media. He or she creates, updates, and maintains a district website where appropriate, and he or she manages the social media accounts for the district. 

Lieutenant governor

Each lieutenant governor is responsible for supporting and growing the clubs within his or her division and serving as a liaison between the district and the club. Duties include publication of a newsletter, club officer training and support, holding divisional meetings and serving on one or more district committees. Learn more by reviewing the Be the Lt. Governor officer guide.