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International level

Key Club International Board

Key Club is led at the international level by a student board of trustees, representing many districts. Key Club International offices include president, vice president and 11 trustees. Each trustee is responsible for acting as a liaison between the Key Club International Board and at least two Key Club districts. The Key Club International Board and all district governors comprise the International Council.

Key Club International president

As chief executive, the president exercises general supervision over the work and activities of Key Club International. He or she presides over the international convention and all meetings of the Board of Trustees and the International Council. The president is the official representative of Key Club International with Kiwanis-family leadership and external agencies.

Key Club International vice president

The vice president is prepared to perform the duties of the president in the event the president is unable to do so. He or she chairs at least one international committee, supports all other committee chairmen and performs duties and attends events as deemed necessary by the international president and/or board of trustees.

Key Club International trustees

A trustee works with the rest of the Key Club International Board to define the administrative policies of Key Club International. He or she interprets the scope and meaning of the bylaws, carries out committee directives and maintains consistent communication with the leadership of the districts to which he or she is assigned.