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March 2012 Key Club magazine

Service in the sun, cont.

Beat the boredom blues

Whether BBB (bored beyond belief), DAK (dead at keyboard) or just needing something to do, more and more Key Clubbers are ditching the SOSS (same old summer stuff) in favor of changing the world.

Granada Hills Charter High School Key Club

When members of California’s Granada Hills Charter High School Key Club need a break from the summer boredom blues, they head to the beach. Like many teens in Key Club’s California-Nevada-Hawaii District, Granada Hills “Koalas”—as the Key Clubbers there are called—savor the ocean breeze, the sand between their toes and the company of friends. But it’s more than just surf and sun: the Koalas keep the beach clean so everyone can enjoy it.

“We engage our members in service events by encouraging them and recognizing Koalas who go above and beyond,” says President Rebekah Choi. “We also make sure events are not only rewarding and interactive, but we do our best to make them as fun as possible. By guaranteeing an amazing experience as well as a fun time, we try to get as many members as we can to come to service events.”

Many of the club’s 167 members get involved in its summertime activities, including the beach cleanup, water-balloon fights and bowling or roller skating to raise money.

“All of our summer events are hugely popular and successful because our members are willing to dedicate more time to Key Club during the summer,” Choi says. “Our members don’t have to worry about school and other educational responsibilities. This is the time they can come to events with their friends and enjoy Key Club service together.”

“We not only make sure events are rewarding and interactive, but we also do our best to make them as fun as possible.”
Rebekah Choi, Granada Hills Charter High School Key Club

Choi’s club isn’t alone. In addition to beach cleanup projects, California’s Rancho Cucamonga High School Key Club continues its year-long activities at food banks and helps out at community walkathons.

“In the summer, we have at least one social and conduct biweekly officer meetings to plan for the upcoming school year,” says Faculty Advisor Michael Lindensmith. “We talk about budgets, plan events and ways to keep members active the whole school year, not just in the fall.”

SPECIAL TIP: The Rancho Cucamonga Key Club regularly updates its own website and, especially in the summer, uses social media, including Facebook, to keep members informed of what’s going on.

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