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How to Approach Potential New Members

Approaching prospective members can be done by using various methods. Many clubs open their membership to all interested students and by means of posters, school announcements, and displays at orientation meetings invite interested students to attend an informational meeting. Hanging posters and flyers in areas where students congregate is very important. You cannot over-advertise a meeting. Make sure the word is out.

But sometimes, membership is difficult to build at certain times through the year. Using a "gimmick" to provide incentives for people might help get people to the informational meeting. Advertise this gimmick to encourage attendance. A gimmick can be anything from building the biggest banana split to drawing for free tickets to an upcoming school event. While you have the prospects at the meeting, make sure you provide information about Key Club in a motivating and exciting manner.

A social gathering might also provide a casual but entertaining evening for club prospects. Perhaps a swim party at the beginning of the school year for all members and new prospects could be held to get the word out about Key Club. Make the event fun, but informative.

Membership should remain open to all students. Some clubs set limits on the number of members allowed, but a club that establishes a membership quota not only denies prospective members the opportunity to serve, but limits the scope and amount of service the club can provide as well. The argument that a large membership is harder to work with and more difficult to monitor is refuted by the many clubs with more than 100 member that can boast an active membership with a successful service record.