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Day two wrap-up

by: Alfre Wimberley

This ICON had another awesome day!

The breakfast at Planet Hollywood was great with our assigned clubs. After, the Carolinas club went to the backstage of Cirque du Soleil and it was amazing all the stuff that goes into making that show happen so we missed the first workshop. I ended up going to the "Whatever Floats Your Boat" workshop and they had great icebreakers with Rebecca Riley.

After a lunch break, we all went to the service fair and saw all the booths and heard all the cool district projects like the Buttons for Babies, the clothes drive, the Boys and Girls home, and the HOPE project. The Jamaican district was selling pins and their pin, in my opinion, is the most beautiful of them all with a green and yellow humming bird wrapped around the key club symbol. By the way, they are on sale for 5.00 dollars if you are interested! We will have workshops this afternoon and then for dinner we will all dine together at The Eliminate Project dinner. I hope everyone here is enjoying the events like I am and for those who are not at ICON, keep reading to see all the cool things that will happen on the final day tomorrow!

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