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True Colors Personality Assessment

Everyone has a different leadership style. Take the True Colors Personality Assessment to learn what your style is and how it can help you become an effective leader. Download the color assessment and color descriptions, but don’t look ahead! Start with the assessment. Go through each row and look at the grouping of words. Rate each cluster in the row from 4 (being most like you) to 1 (the least like you). Continue rating each of the five rows. At the end, add the numbers in each column to find out which color ranked the highest for you. Now, pull out the color descriptions. Are you blue, gold, green or orange? What does that say about your leadership style? Which color are you the least similar to? Try doing this activity at your next club meeting. Knowing different members’ leadership styles can really help you discover what other strengths they can offer to the club. Download the assessment and descriptions here:

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