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Icebreakers (Hollywood Game Night edition)

Take a cue from TV series “Hollywood Game Night” and adapt some of its fun games and great icebreakers for your club meetings. Each game listed below is one played during the show—and already has been made to work for your club.

Note: Most of the games work best if you have a projector. Think about what your club members can use to “buzz” in. 

Snack Round:
This name of this round depends on what snacks the group talks about. For crunchy snacks, it's called "Crunch Time;" for candies, it's called "Home Sweets Home;" and for candy bars, it's called "CBI: Candy Bar Investigation." Divide players into two teams. One member from each team goes head-to-head in each guessing round. The two members are shown a picture of a bowl of popular snacks or candy. The first player to buzz in with the correct answer scores a point (two for Home Sweets Home) for his or her team. If a player buzzes in and is wrong, the opponent has a chance to answer. After one of the players guesses it correctly, or after both players give up, two new members go head-to-head with a new picture.

Take the Hint:
Played like a standard game of Password, the team in control is given 90 seconds to convey a person or idea—using only one-word clues. Teams choose a captain, and all remaining teammates must get the captain to guess their person or idea. The captain gets only one guess per answer, and each correct answer scores a point. The team with the most correct answers in 90 seconds wins.

Timeline: Similar to The Price is Right’s Race Game, one player from the first team (chosen by the team’s captain) is presented with six pictures of celebrities. (The pictures may be all of the same celebrity or of different ones.) The player has 90 seconds to place them all in chronological order from the earliest (oldest) to the latest (most recent). When the player thinks he or she has the correct order, he or she hits a button. Your club advisor will then say how many are correct. Every time a player gets fewer than six correct answers, he or she can go back and change the order as much as he or she likes—as long as the 90 seconds aren’t up. The rest of the team can help out by talking the player through it, but the chosen player is the only one who can move the pictures around. When the time is up, or if the player gets them all right, the team wins points for each correct placement. After both teams play the game, a five-point bonus is awarded to the team that had the most correct answers. In case of a tie, the bonus is awarded to the team that solved the puzzle in the fastest amount of time.

TV ID: Played like Name That Tune's Bid-A-Note, in “TV ID” one member from each team is selected to play. A TV show title is shown only to those two players. Players must buzz in and make a “bid” about how many words (other than the words in the show title or character names) it’ll take to get their team members to guess the show correctly. For example, if the show was “The Bachelor,” a player might bid that he or she could get their team to guess the show in two words (rose ceremony).
Players must try to use the fewest number of words possible. The first person to buzz in states his or her bid. The other person then has the opportunity to make a lower bid. If he or she can’t do it in fewer words, the first person then uses those words to get his or her team to guess. A correct guess wins two points.

Picture Purrfect: Players are shown screenshots from popular movies—with a twist. The actors’ faces in each picture have been replaced with cat faces. The players' job is to name the film. Each correct answer scores a point.

How Do You Doo?: The first team chooses one person to start the game. That person is shown the name of a popular song. The goal is to get your teammates to guess the song—but the trick is that you can only sing or hum the song with the word “doo.” The team has 90 seconds to guess as many songs as possible. Once a teammate guesses a song, that teammate must perform the next one. Each correct guess is worth five points. When time is up, the next team starts its round.

In Other Words:

Two players, one from each team, are shown a line from a famous movie. Players must buzz in and “bid” to paraphrase the whole line without using a single word from that famous movie line and have 15 seconds to do so. Each correct guess wins a point. For example, if your line was “We only wear pink on Wednesdays” from Mean Girls, you might say “Our group dresses in a specific color in the middle of the week.” It’s harder than you think not to use any of the original words!

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