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Key Club pen pals

It’s exciting to get “snail mail” from someone who lives in another state—or even another country. Have you ever wanted a pen pal? We’re creating a Key Club pen pal program this spring, so now’s your chance to get one!

Start by writing a letter. Write about yourself, the state you’re from, your favorite service projects—whatever will help another Key Clubber get to know you. Your letter should look something like the image below. Then put your letter in an unsealed, stamped envelope with your return address on it. 

Next, let us know what type of pen pal you’re looking for by filling out this survey. Based on the letters we get, we’ll do our best to match you with the best pen pal for you. (Note: All pen pal matches are based on availability. We can’t guarantee that your preferences will be met.) Print the survey, put the survey and your letter inside of a second, larger envelope and send them to the address below by March 31, 2014.

Key Club International
Attn: Nicole Harris (pen pal)
3636 Woodview Trace
Indianapolis, IN 46268

Your final envelope should look something like the one below.

As long as you followed all of the above instructions correctly, your job is done! We’ll handle it from there. Make sure to send in your letters by the March 31 deadline. That’s only a little more than one month from today!

Want more than one pen pal?

You’re definitely allowed to have more than one pen pal! Just repeat the directions above and send us another letter to help pair you with a different Key Club member.

Download: Key Club pen pal survey

*Please note that Key Club International reserves the right to reject any pen pal requests that don’t meet the above requirements. That decision is at the discretion of Key Club International staff.

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