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Going to Key Club International convention?

If the answer is yes, we’ve got an awesome opportunity for you: hosting a workshop at the convention! The deadline to submit workshop proposals has been extended until Monday, March 31. That’s only one week from today, so apply now!

This summer’s Key Club International convention in Anaheim, Calif., is only 100 days away! We’re working hard to make it one of the best conventions yet, but we need your help!

Think of some of the best workshops you have see in the past. Or think of topics that you would have liked to see at previous conventions. What would that workshop look like? Could you present it? Could you team up with one or two of your friends to present it? Start those conversations now and submit a workshop proposal no later than Monday, March 31.

Workshop topics range from learning about the Kiwanis family and brainstorming new service projects to finding ways to reduce stress or speak in front of crowds, so get creative! Leading a workshop the perfect opportunity to use your best skills to help your fellow Key Clubbers improve their leadership and make a bigger impact in their communities.

Have questions? Check out the frequently asked questions below. If your question still isn’t answered, contact Charli Lehman at

Q: Do I have to be attending the convention to submit a workshop proposal?
A: Yes, to submit a workshop proposal, you must plan to attend the convention.

Q: Will Key Club International pay for me to attend the Key Club International convention if I present a workshop?
A: Unfortunately, you will not receive any compensation for presenting a workshop. It is a true volunteer opportunity.

Q: How many students will be attending my workshop?
A: It’s never certain how many students will be attending a particular workshop. It depends on what types of workshops are taking place during that same time slot. The range could be anywhere from 40 to 75—or more.

Q: Does my workshop need to directly relate to Key Club?
A: No, your workshop doesn’t need to be specifically about Key Club. For example, take a look at these workshops from previous conventions.

HELP! Where do I find the time?
Where do the 168 hours you have each week go? This workshop will introduce you to time management techniques you can use to be more in control of the way you spend your time and your life.

Reducing stress and preventing burnout: Restore balance in your life
In today’s stressful world, the rewards of our daily activities may seem few, and the sacrifices many. Participants in this workshop will learn tips to prevent burnout by enhancing satisfaction and balance in their jobs and lives.

Key Club and Kiwanis: Bridging the generation gap
There may be an age gap between Kiwanians and Key Clubbers, but many similarities still exist—especially a love for service! You’ll have fun gaining new insights about your Kiwanis-family counterparts. Come participate in meaningful discussions about Kiwanis, Key Club and our world in general.

KEYping it klassy
Looking for a part-time job? Interviewing for an internship? Applying to college? This workshop will teach you how to put your most professional foot forward. Learn how to send effective emails, make professional phone calls, dress appropriately and make a great first impression.
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