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Project Happiness 

Get your happy on!

Why happiness matters

Why does happiness matter? Turn on the news or just listen to people talk. Stress and negativity are everywhere. War, bullying, disease, loneliness, hate and fear are all by-products of those negative feelings. But they don't have to be. Science shows us that the more people expand their own happiness, the kinder they are to themselves and each other.  

Key Club is teaming up with Project Happiness

That's why Key Club International has teamed up with Project Happiness, a nonprofit organization with the mission to inspire and empower people to create greater happiness within themselves and their communities. The resources Project Happiness provides are based on Neuroscience, Positive Psychology and Mindful Awareness. 

Using Project Happiness resources

The Key Club Guide to Project Happiness will help you set up your Key Club to share Project Happiness and explain how members, schools and communities will benefit from it. Though you can explore happiness with just this guide, we highly recommend your Key Club purchase a copy of the Project Happiness handbook and DVD to get the most out of this life-changing resource. But don't take our word for it. Read on and learn more about Happy Meetings, Happy Resources and Happy Science. You'll be glad you did!

Happy Meetings

Learn how you can incorporate fun exercises and activities in each of your Key Club meetings to spread happiness. Use this downloadable Key Club Happiness toolkit to get started.

Key Club Happiness toolkit

  • Key Club Guide to Project Happiness
  • Club exercises
  • Promotional poster
  • Stickers 
Happy Meetings

Happy Resources

Use these helpful resources to increase happiness in your life and spread happiness in your school and community. Through games, club exercises, service projects and discussions you'll discover what makes you happy, learn how to create lasting happiness in your life, and discover how to share happiness with others. 

Happiness begins with me

  • Downloadable assessments
  • Personal exercises / meditations
  • Reading list
  • Video list

Spreading happiness at school

  • Community service projects
  • Bully prevention
  • Letter to principal

Spreading happiness in your community

  • Exercises and activities
  • Resources

Happy Resources

Happy Science

The resources Project Happiness provides are based on Neuroscience, Positive Psychology and Mindful Awareness. You really can re-wire your brain for optimal happiness, which according to science has amazing outcomes. 


  • Neuroscience evidence
  • Positive Psychology
  • Stanford University Study
  • Reading list
  • Video list
  • Crisis resources

Happy Science