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Start a club

You're passionate about starting a club. Now what? The first step: Get people involved! Key Clubs are chartered in partnership with a Kiwanis club and a school or community-based organization serving high school students. (A school-based club can form without a Kiwanis sponsor, if one is not available.) 

Use the “In Your Community” kit to present your idea for a new club. The kit is available at no cost from the Key Club Store. It’s a great resource for making a fantastic first impression on potential Kiwanis advisors, faculty advisors, school administrators and sponsors. Remember, you can contact Key Club International for help at any point in the club building process. 

What’s in the kit? 

You’ll find several helpful materials inside each “In Your Community” kit: 

Quick-start guide. Take your club from idea to reality with this simple three-step outline. From building the club’s roster to collaborating with the community, follow these suggestions to keep your club on track. 

Presentation guide. Before you start presenting your club idea to potential sponsors, take a look at this handy three-step guide to planning and presenting a meeting that will leave your guests impressed and excited.

Insert for Kiwanis members. Share key information with Kiwanians who are interested in sponsoring your Key Club. It’s a handy way to provide sponsorship facts, 10 ways to support your club and a list of frequently asked questions.

Insert for school or site administration/staff. Show the staff of your potential Key Club school or site how your club can help them and their community. Emphasize how a Key Club can positively affect the community—at virtually no cost to the school or organization. 

“Be Part of Something Big” CD. Get everyone excited—from school/site staff to Kiwanis-club members and potential Key Club members. Make this video a part of your presentation.

Order a free “In Your Community” kit today!

Get chartered! 

Already have a school or community-based organization ready to sponsor your new club? Check out the online Key Club chartering toolkit for all of your club chartering needs. For more information, contact Key Club.