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Whether you’re a new or experienced Key Club advisor, we have training to enhance and strengthen your skills.

Youth Protection Policies & Procedures

As a Key Club advisor, you need to know how to protect your members. Learn about Kiwanis Youth Protection Policies and Procedures. (French-speaking members can click here for a translation of the written policy.)

Kiwanis youth protection measures include three actions:

  1. Youth protection policy training, completed annually by each Kiwanis club.
  2. Individual background checks.
  3. Praesidium Academy online youth protection courses, taken individually.

Kiwanis club-level policy training is typically carried out using our slides, available at kiwanis.org/youthprotection. When a Kiwanis club completes this training for the year, the club secretary confirms this on the Kiwanis One Secretary Dashboard, just under the officer names.

Background check information is on the Youth Protection webpage. All advisors need a clear, current Kiwanis background check, which is valid for two years.

Key Club advisors take six  youth protection courses through our partner in abuse prevention, Praesidium Academy. The Praesidium courses include topics such as “Abuse Risk Management for Volunteers,” “Social Media Safety,” “Preventing Sexual Activity Between Adolescents” and “Duty to Report.” There is no cost to Key Club advisors to complete this training. Click here for more information.


Note that chaperones for Key Club events are required to complete the Kiwanis background check and three Praesidium Academy courses, in addition to being familiar with Kiwanis International Youth Protection Policies & Procedures.  

Note also that faculty advisors are not required to complete the background check or youth protection courses unless they will be chaperoning a Key Club-sponsored event off school premises.    

Other youth protection resources include a 24/7 toll-free helpline, as well as a roster of youth protection managers for each Kiwanis district. (Click here for the youth protection manager job description.)  

For more information or to get started with youth protection activities, go to kiwanis.org/youthprotection or email . 

Online Advisor Training Courses 

Two online training courses are available for you to take at your convenience. You may download several PDFs from the course, follow several links to additional resources and return to the courses for a refresher as often as you like. The courses complement the Key Club Advisor Guide (below) and are a great refresher or introduction to various resources, ideas and guidance that support the work of Key Club advisors.  

 The courses are: 

  • Introduction to Service Leadership Programs. 

  • Key Club Advisor 101 (Parts A and B).  

Click here to access your Kiwanis portal. Then click the link “Click here to access Service Leadership Programs advisor, chaperone and Global Leadership Certificate courses”. 

Advisor Training Courses Frequently Asked Questions

Key Club Full Advisor Guide

This is a comprehensive guide that can accompany the Key Club Advisor 101 courses or be used independently. Access this guide to learn how to effectively manage a Key Club and to find resources you’ll need throughout the year. 


The Advisor Guide includes: 

  • Advisor tools: practical resources for advisors. 
  • Service Leadership Model: tools to implement the service, leadership and engagement learning model. 
  • Kiwanis International support: resources and support from Kiwanis International. 

Download the digital Advisor Guide here.