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Get certified as a global leader. 

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Want to learn how to make a real impact — the kind that changes lives and improves the world? Then step right up!

Key Club International is introducing the Global Leadership Certificate pilot program for members. Sign up, log in and test our newest training program.

Through spring 2021, we are creating and refining a training platform and curriculum. Be among the first Key Club members to test the Global Leadership Certificate program. Through videos, assessments, resources and activities, you’ll learn how to get your voice heard and your community’s concerns met.

Pilot courses include:

  • Voting: Our civic responsibility. This course teaches the ins and outs of voting. The larger skill set dives into the basics of government and community leadership.

  • Strategic vs. tactical leadership. This course will help you understand the importance of strategy. The larger skill set will teach you how to create a strategic plan and how to use strategy to inspire others.

  • Passions in practice.  This course focuses on exploring and applying personal passions to volunteer opportunities and specific causes. In the larger skill set, you will learn how to integrate your passions into a volunteer role.


The courses are based on Key Club’s core values of fellowship, leadership and service. You’ll learn traditional skills as well as in-demand soft skills such as emotional intelligence, empathy, resiliency and more. This program won’t just help you stand out as a candidate for colleges/grad school, trade schools or employers — it will help you become a stronger leader and changemaker.

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Get certified as a global leader:

Register to test the courses.

Want to learn how to make a real impact — the kind that changes lives and improves the world? Then step right up!

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If you've already registered for the Global Leadership Certificate pilot program, here’s how to log in and start your course.

Participants will take a deep dive into 11 leadership topics:


Learn how to make strong personal and community connections and build a powerful and supportive network.


Explore cultures and bias and learn how they affect your decisions.


Discover how to cultivate curiosity, listen actively and show compassion.


Find out how to cope and bounce back from adversity and failure.


Learn to embrace feedback, recognize strengths and take advantage of the opportunities those strengths can bring.


Discover the importance of strategy, how to create a strategic plan and how to use strategy to inspire others.

Critical Thinking

Learn how to analyze information and solve problems.


Find out how to create effective meetings, engage members, manage conflict and present and speak in public.


Understand how nonprofits work, explore your passions and discover how far your passions can take you.

Civic engagement

Explore the basics of government, learn how to vote and find great ways to lead in your community.

Change agent

Understand how to navigate and create change.

Global Leadership Certificate pilot courses are currently offered for students in North America only. We are exploring ways to share this program in more areas so Key Club members around the world can participate. The Global Leadership Certificate is supported by Kiwanis Children’s Fund grants from the Youth Opportunity and Tomorrow funds.

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