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Key Club Meeting Kit

Thankfulness and Gratitude

1. Welcome

a. Introductions.

i. Introduce officers.

ii.  Introduce advisor.

iii.  Introduce guests.

b. Icebreakers — Check out these ideas to kick off the meeting.

2. Old business

a. Review current club projects.

b. Determine what still needs to be done and make assignments.

c. Visit other Key Club meeting kits for ideas for service projects or club meetings.

3. New business

a. Before the meeting, ask a few students to review the video resources and determine which one(s) to show to the full club.

b. Showing gratitude to those around us is important. Hold a group discussion to decide where to target a “gratitude campaign” in the school and community. (Groups to consider: advisors, Kiwanis sponsors, local project partners, teachers, administrators, custodians, cafeteria and office staff, bus drivers, parents, first responders, military veterans, hospital staff, mail carriers and other delivery providers.)

c. Review the list and decide which groups the club will recognize. Consider expressing appreciation to a different group each week or month. For school personnel, consider partnering with other school clubs. Don’t forget to thank Kiwanis sponsors, advisors and other local program partners. 

d. Discuss options for recognizing selected community groups. Refer to the project idea source list.

e. Form a committee to plan the club project and set a timeline for activities. Don’t forget to approach other school clubs to partner on recognizing selected school personnel.

4. Special projects — Collegewise, Schoolhouse

a. Key Club International is partnering with Collegewise, America’s largest and most highly regarded private college admissions. Looking for a stress-free path to your dream college? Collegewise is here to help Key Club members. 

i. Discuss this opportunity and determine how the club can participate.

b. Key Club International partnered with Schoolhousea nonprofit that connects students around the world for free peer-to-peer tutoring over Zoom. Started by Sal Khan, the founder of Khan Academy, Schoolhouse offers both instant homework help and longer-term, small-group sessions in math and SAT prep. Look for the SAT boot camps in October and November. Learn more here. 

c. Discuss this project and determine how the club might support it.

5. Home project

a. Complete committee and assignments for the thankfulness and gratitude project(s).

b. Review ongoing club projects.

6. Adjournment

a. Thank everyone for their participation, especially the guests.

b. Give details about the next meeting

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Download a PDF of this kit.