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Key Club meeting kits

How to use the ready-made kits

Key Clubs, schools and activities have more flexible ways to meet than ever before. As much as Key Clubs are dedicated to continued service, we’re committed to giving you resources that make meeting and serving easy, impactful and fun — however you choose to do so.

That’s why we created Key Club meeting kits. The kits serve as a resource for club leaders and advisors and simplify one aspect of running a Key Club. Additionally, they serve as an example for club officers of how to operate meetings. Every kit focuses on a different theme that offers various learning and service options for your club.

Meeting kit pieces 

Each meeting kit includes an agenda to guide and organize meetings. Each agenda features four parts: Introductions, old business, new business and service projects.

1. Introductions.  

Kick off each meeting by getting to know members better, introducing guests and including fun icebreakers.

Each agenda includes icebreaker suggestions, and a complete page of icebreaker resources for all types of meetings is also available.

2. Old business. 

Take time every meeting to review past club projects and ensure tasks are on track.

3. New business. 

Every kit focuses on a theme. Some kits center on community issues and ways to serve, while others cover club operations. This section includes resources such as videos, worksheets and discussion questions that dive deeper into each topic.  

4. Home and service projects. 

After exploring the kit, discuss what type of service project your club will undertake — whether it’s a project for individual members, your club or in partnership with your school or community. The home project zeros in on what individual students and clubs can accomplish at a local level. 

How to use the meeting kits 

Use the kits how and when you want.

Your club can use the entire kit, using the agenda as a guide and exploring corresponding resources within the agenda as you go. Or you can opt to use a few activities, watch videos or choose service project ideas without using the entire agenda to structure your meeting.

These ready-made kits work equally well for clubs meeting in a virtual, hybrid or in-person setting. In addition, the agendas — and individual activities within the agendas — can be used in any order or at any time.

Meeting kit themes 

Key Club meeting kits topics: 

For more information on the meeting kits and how clubs are using them, watch Kiwanis International’s Lunch with a Leader. Hear Key Club Program Specialist and Advisor Laura Holloway discuss how she used the meeting kits with her club.

No matter how your club gathers, keep meeting! Use the meeting kits to help.