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King Kekaulike High School Key Club members in Maui, Hawaii, became concerned when they discovered alarming rates of drug and alcohol abuse and suicide in their community. The issues coincided with a lack of meaningful conversation and an abundance of time spent on electronic devices. Club members decided to make a change. They applied for a Youth Opportunities Fund grant through the Kiwanis Children’s Fund to connect with the MyIntent Project, which helps people engage with their communities and live with intent.  

MyIntent bracelets enable individuals to choose a single word that inspires or represents them — purpose, strength, calm, grateful, etc. — and then engage in conversations about why that word is meaningful. The Key Clubbers had sold MyIntent bracelets at craft fairs, carnivals and other locations to fund convention and trainingconference travel costs. 

At their regional training conference, they made plans to develop a project solely to give away bracelets to 200 people in their community to further the MyIntent mission.  

They knew that bracelets would not solve the problems of suicide, drug/alcohol abuse or hate crimes. But they felt that if even one person was reminded to have hope, set a goal and live their life with positive intent, perhaps that would be one life saved. 

If you see a need in your school or community and are willing to work with your fellow Key Club members to make an impact, then let the Kiwanis Children’s Fund help. Apply today for Youth Opportunities Fund grant at There is only one opportunity per year to receive a grant from the Youth Opportunities Fund, and the application must be received by October 15 at 11:59 p.m. EDT.