As the 2021-22 school begins, we’re excited to welcome current, past and new members to Key Club International. The Homecoming campaign provides tools to jumpstart clubs that were paused last year and to help all clubs recruit new members. Homecoming Week kicks off September 13, so get ready! You will find a guide on how to celebrate Key Club International Homecoming Week below. Make a bigger impact in your community this year with more members! 

Check out these recruitment resources! 

Homecoming Week 

September 13-17 

While you can make any week Homecoming Week and build your club, we’re focused on providing you these resources for September 13-17. Your club may offer activities that week to invite future members to learn more about Key Club. We recommend hosting a welcoming event at the end of the week that doubles as a service project to give potential members a glimpse of what Key Club is all about. See our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds for great ideas!

Check out the event promotion template for ideas on how to promote your event. While many of these resources can help you plan larger events, it also includes ideas you can use for Homecoming Week.  

Here is a guide for you to make the most of Homecoming Week that culminate with your service event on Friday.

Monday, September 13 

Make a list of past members and friends who might enjoy Key Club. Doing this as a club activity may spur ideas on who to invite to your service project at the end of the week. 

Decide on a service project to host on Friday and begin planning.   

Create a media list and draft a news release to be sent on Friday. Use this service project news release template.   

Tuesday, September 14 

Now that you have your list of names, it’s time to create eye-catching materials to invite them to Key Club. Use personal club invites on social media and recruitment flyers to welcome students to your event on Friday. Once you’re done, send your invites! 

Assign members to be in charge of the various tasks for a successful event on Friday. 

Wednesday, September 15 

Follow up with the students you invited. Answer any questions they have about Key Club and highlight your favorite moments. Make sure they know you want to see them on Friday! 

Continue to plan your service project event.  

Thursday, September 16 

Remind the students who said “yes” to the invitation of the event details and let them know how excited you are to see them tomorrow. 

Put final touches on your event.  

Friday, September 17 

Execute your service project. When the students you invited arrive, be sure to thank them and make them feel welcome. Introduce them to other Key Club members so they feel a sense of belonging to your club. 

Distribute the news release you created on Monday to the media. 

After Homecoming Week 

Be sure to reach out to the potential members who came to the event and invite them to join your club! 

Back to school. Back to service.