Even the best clubs have room for improvement. These simple tips can take your club from good to great.  

  • Organization: Make an agenda and stick to it. Keep on topic and still side chatter to keep the meeting on track and cover all discussion points. 
  • Create a binder for each major project. It should be detailed and contain samples of flyers, cost sheets, etc. When you keep a detailed record of a successful project, next year’s members can continue to execute the project efficiently.  
  • Follow up your week with a “rundown.” Did you get everything accomplished that needed to be? How can you get those last things finished? 
  • Boost club morale: Changing the overall morale of a group might not come overnight. We understand that. Check out the “Boosting club morale” article for fun ways to help uplift your members.  
  • Re-read the brand guide: This incredible tool is always at your fingertips. It has everything you need to create professional and eye-catching posters, newsletters and social media posts. 
  • Utilize social media: Brag about yourself! If your club had an awesome time at an event or has an important service project coming up, let people know. This allows others to see the incredible work you are doing within your community. Who knows, they just might join you.