High school often can mimic the ocean’s current. It has a way of pulling us in, and it’s important not to let it take us under when things get stressful. Don’t let high school stress get the best of you. Here are a few helpful tips to aid your hectic schedule.

  • Breathe. Take a moment to stop and just breathe. Close your eyes, count to 10 and restart your mind. This allows you a moment to refocus your mind and energy.
  • Get organized. Purchase a planner and USE it. Give yourself plenty of time to get where you need to go. Don’t forget to schedule five- to 10-minute breaks. Planning your days helps you see the overall picture.
  • Eat right. Eating a balanced diet helps boost energy and brain power. Pack an apple and bottle of water in your backpack. The snack can help you power through your day.
  • Sleep. This sounds simple, but a full night’s sleep can make all of the difference. Allowing your brain to shut down and relax is like recharging your cellphone. You need to recharge to keep moving.
  • Exercise. Go for a run. Ride your bike. Get your blood flowing.
  • Music. Make a playlist of your favorite songs. Put your headphones in and enjoy the sounds that surround you. Tip: Find songs that motivate and uplift you!
  • Set reasonable goals. We sometimes set unrealistic goals for ourselves which in turn only make us feel worse when we are unable to achieve them. Try making “smaller picture” goals that you can accomplish in smaller time increments. Seeing your progression can help you maintain momentum.

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